'Artists Blinky'
because we can

Congratulations on your recent aquisition of a dubpixel (tm) brand
'Artists Blinky'
instructions for "Artist's Blinky"

TURN ON/OFF: the poopduino 2.0 is designed to run from a 18650 LiPo battery . To turn the device on - click the small black button to the right of the USB-C port and the 4 battery indicator LEDS. TO turn it oFF - double click the button

CHARGE/POWER use any USB-C cable/charger.
The device is designed to request the 5vDC it needs to operate.

BLACKOUT LEDS: use the small switch adjacent to the blue knob, on the rear of the board.
this puts the board to 'sleep' but does not power it off.
the switch is backwards < (DOWN == ON)

PARAMETER: turn the blue knob
the pattern will increase/decrease in intensity or speed.

COLOR PALLETTE: push 'B1' (not all patterns have this ablilty)

DIM: -HOLD- 'B2' and turn the knob

PATTERN CHANGE: -HOLD- 'B2' and push 'B1'